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Now that you hold this book in your hands it is a matter of fact. Matter of fact has something to do with these three words: „Law of attraction“.

Obviously you have and I have the same ideas and questions right now. There is no coincidence.

Now I will address this to you, because if from a higher prospective we are all inter connected. So I and you are a part of this. That also means that you could have written about these matters as I have. That’s fun! Just pretend you have written this and dive in – deep.

If all experience and happenings in our lives are created by us, like many spiritual teachers have told us already and quantum physics meanwhile has proven, this is the perfect moment to have a closer look – together. Not in the past, not in the future, right NOW – in this MOMENT OF TIME.

What do you see around yourself, where are you, what do you feel and what has it all to do with  your thinking and doing?

I don’t want to sound like I am enlightened – because I am not and I struggle right now with awareness. I believe there is a potential power field among us, that is interconnecting and charging everything. Am I bold enough my thesis or belief of the field to proof in real life – I mean every days life. Can I use the field is the question. Now that I am in difficult times and my fears are high jacking my powers and let me fall in old habits and patterns it is vital to have proof. I have read many books and sometimes I lost track of time – got lost myself in them. Books are perfect to dive in a world where you feel held and comfortable. But something was missing – the real world was so different and fell in between. To feel alive and connected with my life – I wanted a real world experience with all my knowledge. What’s the use of knowledge, if not experienced?

All the spiritual books are too abstract and fare from reality for me. If I put the book aside and immediately I get knocked of my socks again – whats the use for me to read them?

Here is my experiment – for myself. I want to go out in this world, in my life and integrate what I just read, so I feel connected. Sometimes it feels like jumping within the Matrix.

How is it, that just now, I felt calm and in love with life and me and one minute later just because of a word or ton I fall out of my own well being? All buttons are pushed and all doors open to flush anger and fear and this feeling of unrestrained and uncontrolled helplessness comes up. It’s like my unconsciousness raises up to a monster and overthrows me – leaving me unable to react accordingly. I fall out of the frame our hologram of our self and my second I meets my ideal I – if that’s the way to describe it.

Before I lose my point and repeat what I already said – here my real experience. The practical use of my spiritual guidance, that I collected over the years in my book shelf. Sayings that all of us already read and heard. I write them kursiv – to be noticed. Now I get practical to get proof in my real life. I check them of – one for one. How long it takes? You will see.

I only know one thing – I have no other choice as to follow the impulse and together we will find the answer…

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The English edition of my book „…von erfolgreich loslassen“ will be available  soon!

Many, many thanks to my dear friend Antje Croton for the translation!

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